Monday, 26 January 2015

Those Days

Those days when you have to remind yourself to breathe.

The days when you feel like you are treading water.

That day where you feel loneliness will consume you.

Those times when you can't outrun your darkness.

Or, those days when your soul is pure light.

The times where you feel like you could dance and let loose your wild.

The moments where you share love and feel love.

Those are the moments I am with you.
These are the days I love you.
Every day, every moment.
I see your light.

For you are me.

Lynsey Doel. 2015

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Reaping natures harvest

Just across the road from us is a small baptist chapel and alongside it, a couple of small fields, a lane and plenty of hedgerows. Pretty lucky for me. There is an abundance of ripe blackberries, hawthorn berries, blackthorn trees with a crazy amount of sloes growing along their branches and lots and lots of elderberries.

After a few trips back and forth with Miss Polly on my back we'd collected a nice heap of berries. Once home and settled, I sat down with my hedgerow book and worked out how to make the syrups and jams I so desired. The past couple of days have featured monotonous destemming  of haws and elderberries. 

All in all I made 5 jars of Apple & sloe jam, elderberry syrup, hawthorn syrup, elderberry tincture & hawthorn tincture and a bit of a mess in the kitchen! 

The elderberry syrup has already been put to test. High in vitamins a & c, with anti-inflammatory and anti viral properties, the syrup is great for treating colds and flu. Low and behold - right now I am in day three of the flu. Whilst still feeling pretty rotten I have to admit the syrup is an absolute godsend. Normally my sore throat lasts 2-3 days before developing into more. Not so this time. The syrup (which i am in this case using as a hot cordial with honey) is speeding the process along. Along with this I have been taking, echinacea dissolvable tablets and lemsip. I could be worse.

Nature doing its work. Pretty magical. 
I'll put the recipes and instructions on for all the items mentioned above in due course. But for now, it's time for another dose of hot cordial and back under the blanket for me.

Until next time, x

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The whole point...

This is my online journal of my journey to wellness, my hearth where I'll gather my recipes, my stories. I'm currently travelling through a myriad of experiences; finding who I really am, relearning old ways to give me a new way of life. Herbs, spirituality, being present and mindful. Bringing up my second child fifteen years after having my firstborn (a shock to my system!) really finding out what is important in life. If you are reading this, thank you for sharing my journey. Keep in touch xxx